Brain–computer interface
«Brain Expert»


     The BRAIN EXPERT is universal human-machine interface in combination with software, allows for a deep analysis of the electrical activity of the human brain. Equipment has possibilities to register an extremely small amplitude of generated brain potentials (starts from 2 mkV), at the same time, it has portable sizes and electical noise immunity. The kit includes an anatomically adaptable helmet for the adult head (54-56 cm), water and dust resistance, with dry electrodes for non-invasive recording of electrical brain activity. Electrode scheme at 8-12 channels, in accordance with the international standard for the 10-20 EEG. (A1, A2, C3, C4, Fp1, Fp2, P3, P4, O1, O,2, T3,T4). The weight of the device is 0.9 kg. USB cable for connection with a computing device (1.5 m). BRAIN EXPERT 2.0 software (64bit Windows 8.1 and higher), which provides primary mathematical processing of the EEG data and their saving in csv format. A kit of spare dry electrodes in the amount of 10 pcs and two ear (clips) also includes. The development was carried out at EMRATECH with the support of the Innovation Promotion Fund. The cost is 800 USD (delivering expenses and taxes of your country can increase final price). To purchase please use the feedback form in the Contacts.
     The portable neuro-headset BRAIN EXPERT has built-in modules of the evoked potential of photo and phono stimulation (protected by a patent), which allows you to calibrate the device to the individual level of the generated electrical potential. Due this technology, you can significaly improve the accuracy of the software interpretation of the EEG data. Purpose of the device: development of software applications for the recognition of motoric, speech and visual activity of the cerebral cortex, experimental analysis of the electroactivity of the human brain, incl. in the diagnosis of vital and mortal conditions. The neurointerface software (Brain Expert soft) also allows you to capture and convert the entire volume of recorded data in formats compatible with the use of OpenVibe software, or use it for popular Python 3 data processing modules such as pandas and numpy libraries, which enables the user to implement the device in machine learning systems.
      A set of dry, reusable electrodes for the BRAIN EXPERT neuro-headset. In the amount of 10 pieces in one package, 100 ml of cleaning solution also included. BRAIN EXPERT electrodes are made of M0 class copper with a argentum cover, have an adaptive connector for retractable elastic platforms in the neuro-headset and can be easily replaced without interfering of the body device elements. The hair volume does not have significantly affect to the quality of the registred electical data. In aim to obtain the best registration results, we recommend treating the metal part of the electrodes with degreasing agents after each use. The cost of the kit is 50 USD (delivering expenses and taxes not includes). To purchase please use the feedback form in the section Contacts.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning


The company provides a full range of services, from strategy development, analysis, requirements formalization to implementation and integration of applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
All developments are implemented on the basis of open source software and tested on the company's servers with subsequent implementation at the customer's site. If necessary, the development of models can be carried out on the territory and at the customer's equipment.
Deep Learning
  • neural network libraries (Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch);
  • libraries of classical machine learning;
  • libraries for working with text - NLP (Nltk, gensim, spaCy);
  • video processing and computer vision libraries (OpenCV, PCL);
  • geographic location analysis (OsmApi, geopy);
  • data processing libraries (Pandas, numpy, scipy);
  • libraries for working with time sequences and sequences of events (statsmodel, fbprophet, arch).
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