Automated complex extinguishing industrial fires for the needs of oil and gas and nuclear industries

Creating an autonomous fire-fighting system of industrial fires, including storage tanks, high pressure gas pipelines, high-voltage transmission lines in different climatic regions.

  • patented design of the automated supply of dry chemical fire extinguisher, to improve the efficiency of fire-fighting and operate at low climatic temperatures (extreme North)
  • software technology to remote monitoring of equipment status and its surroundings in terms of staff and in the development of fire
  • standalone device for liquid fire extinguishing high-voltage electricity transmission

Partners: Technos M+ LTD,  Lobachevsky University.


Software and hardware platform to provide robotic monitoring of environmental parameters "Sea Patrol"

Scope: Meteorological studies, inspection of underwater objects up to 50 m depth location, water transport monitoring.

  • development of algorithms and hardware solutions for the multi-way acoustic location of underwater objects
  • development of algorithms and hardware solutions for radar monitoring of the low atmospheric layer near by the water surface
  • development of monitoring methods of the physical parameters of the coastal region
  • development of test samples of distributed mobile floating robots, stationary surface robots and anchored buoy diagnostic systems
  • development of technology and hardware solutions for the procedures of automatic recharging of mobile floating robots
  • development of an experimental sample of a stationary power supply system

Partners: Lobachevsky University.


The open source software and hardware platform for distributed robotic systems

Specialized mobile system for rapid deployment and transport infrastructure support of distributed robotic devices.

  • system of active safety intended to the monitoring of sea and river transport (beacons, upgraded receivers, chartplotters GLONASS/GPS)
  • navigation control modules, movement, exchange rate stability and high-speed craft WIG
  • dsoftware for the evaluation and prediction of local weather conditions in the area of ​​movement of high-speed craft and WIG

Partners: Lobachevsky University, Alekseev Technical University , JSC T-Platofrms, JSC Baikal Electronics, RDC Aqulines LTD, Institute of Applied Physics IAP RAS