In-cockpit tablet computer apps help fighter pilots hone fighting skills using artificial intelligence (AI)

     A tablet computer is portable and can augment traditional cockpit instruments and displays to give the pilot a different tactical picture. U.S. Air Force experts for the first time have live-streamed data from the F-35A stealth fighter onto a commercial tablet computer to help confront advanced enemy threats. The Drive reports. The March 31 Fighter Optimization eXperiment, or FoX, was at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., and demonstrated that data from the jet could communicate with apps to help pilots hone their fighting skills. The first app, the Battlefield Management Portal, helps the pilot negotiate hostile air defense systems. The second app, developed by Lockheed Martin, uses , helps the pilot deal with advanced surface-to-air missile threats. Previously, this type of information could appear to the pilot only on a cockpit touchscreen display and helmet-mounted sight. Both have been criticized for latency, and for the lack of tactile feedback, which can make entering commands challenging in combat conditions.

Apr 28th, 2021