Pentagon eyes artificial intelligence (AI) enable tactical network to speed flow of actionable intelligence

      The U.S. Army’s Project Convergence, the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System and the Navy’s Project Overmatch are the names each service gives to an
- and autonomy-enabled tactical network that seeks to speed information from sensors to shooters. Kris Osborn at Warrior Maven reports.
The defining concept for each of these efforts involves clear and fundamental technological modernization efforts.
These efforts rest on the premise than any fighter jet, tank, ground-control station, or surface ship, can operate not only as its own, but also as a node in a
that can gather, process, organize and disseminate time-sensitive data in real time.
For example, instead of sending raw imager to one ground-control center, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) could find crucial enemy targets, analyze variables, and send
to several locations in seconds.
Jul 30th, 2021