U.S. Air Force testing new approach for cyber security missions, and how to assign tasks to cyber warriors

      The Air Force’s 67th Cyberspace Wing is experimenting with a new method for doling out tasks to
. Defense News reports.
Previously, squadron and group commanders were left out of the operational chain of command, primarily serving in an organize, train and equip role. This was the case despite the deep background in cyber operations these commanders might have.
Col. Jeffrey Phillips, the wing’s commander, has created Task Force Mustang, which serves in a dual-hat role commanding the 567th Cyberspace Operations Group and the task force itself.
This essentially means the commander is in charge of manning, training and equipping as well as operationally leading teams that are administratively aligned under the group. The commander now has a greater scope of responsibility because he or she is leading operational planning efforts and assigning teams to missions.
Jul 28th, 2021